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Most of us know the basics when it comes to picking out socks: black pants + black socks. Simple, classic and boring. Menswear’s hot-ticket item in 2015, the dress sock, has been brought into a new world of color and pattern. Bright socks can mean colorful, but also quirky in featuring patterns of animals, asymmetrical designs and color blocking. What used to be considered unorthodox business socks have quickly become an accessible fashion trend for any business style. Our Root Bizzle style curators have taken a look at what bright socks say about you and how to wear them!

In most business environmentsbusiness
The classic solid-colored business sock does not help express individuality, but says “I’m here to fit in”. Although some work cultures expect this type of homogenous style of their employees, the individual who shows up wearing a brightly colored sock coordinated with their tie/ pocket square knows what he is doing. They’re making a bold statement by expressing “I care about how I look enough to wear something that will make me stand-out”.

In Conservative situations
Perhaps a funeral or serious business situation is not the place to wear bright socks. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear something shows a little bit of yourself. Limit yourself to conservative colors with alternative patterns or classic patterned socks with a hint of color.

Symbiosis Pyramid Eclipse 2012


In casual everyday wear
Spruce up your basic outfit with the brightest socks you can find! Pairing a trendy pair of socks with a classic khaki and shirt will make your outfit seem more carefully crafted. It conveys that your look is not accidental but thought through and confident.




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Knit Ties: The Inside Scoop


With knit ties surfacing as one of spring’s must-have trends, you might be asking yourself: What’s the deal?

Knit ties are usually made from silk or wool, distinguished by their unique shape and casual feel. The knit tie is narrow, with a straight edge along the bottom, known as the ‘bobtail’. Made popular in the sixties, the knit tie can accessorize both formal and casual outfits alike. One of the biggest proponent of the knit tie during this era was Sean Connery, who wore this look as James Bond in Goldfinger. Other celebrities of the time followed suit; Paul Newman, the Beatles and James Dean all rocked the knit look.


Today the knit tie is back in a big way. The loose character and casual nature of the accessory compliments the sleek silhouette in menswear today. While most knitted ties are solid, small patterns like stripes and dots are gaining popularity. These ties are ideally worn with small knot like the four-in-hand as knitted fabric makes the knot look bigger by nature. Ideal for travel or someone with a no-fuss attitude towards style, this tie does not need to be pressed or hung up but can be stored rolled in a drawer. Wear it to spruce up a casual outfit, add personality to a traditional suit or with a patterned shirt in a coordinated color.


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3 of the best dressed animated characters

We know that many people wear neckties (just based on the popularity of our monthly tie club!).  But we were delighted to discover that there are also animated cartoon characters sporting fresh neckwear.     Here they are:

1. Stan Marsh in a Bolo Tie

Image: South Park Studios

2. Homer Simpson in a necktie

3. Peter Griffin in a bowtie

Happy New Years!

To a great 2015 – neckties, socks, and more that is yet to be revealed – from your friends at Root Bizzle!

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4 of the best places to buy ties online

Our monthly tie club is fantastic for the man who hates shopping but needs to look sharp.  We send you a new tie each month from the style of your choice.  And we’re able to get it to you at 50% below normal retail rates in return for you not picking your specific tie.

However, some people just need to go all the way through with picking every single tie in their closet.  Yes, you have to pay a premium for it – but we figured it made sense to point out some of the best places to buy ties online.

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1. The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar is an undisputed leader in selling ties online.  They have a great selection of pretty much every tie design, material, and style you can think of, and reasonable prices.  Additionally, they have celebrity endorsed lines of neckwear from folks like Dwayne Wade.


The famous domain name does exactly what you think – they sell neckties! They have won awards for their site design and have a sleek interface to find the perfect tie for your style. They also run if you want to get the warmest neckwear around.


This site allows you to find common leading brands of ties, such as Jerry Garcia Ties, Calvin Klein Ties, and more.  They also carry accessories such as suspenders and belts.


Another excellent online tie store, this site offers a plethora of brands and accessories, and also offers combos such as “father and son” matching tie sets.

What is a Grabatologist?

Grabatologists are people who collect neckties.

Image Source:

The man above is a collector of bow ties and definitely a grabatologist.

Image Source:

These bow tie wearing hot dogs could arguably be considered grabatologists.

Image Source:

If you are a geeky grabatologist, the above geek neckties are perfect for you.


Root Bizzle tie of the month subscribers are grabatologists.

Paste Magazine on How to Pair Shirts & Ties

Ever wonder how to match your necktie with your dress shirt?

Paste Magazine has a great writeup from this past spring detailing tips on how to pair your dress shirt colors and your necktie colors and patterns.

They offer tips for the solid shirt:

“You can get away with any color or pattern tie, but keep it slim to evoke an elegant, classic look”

…and striped shirt:

“The no.1 rule of tie/shirt pattern pairing: vary the size and scale of your patterns. If you’re combining stripes with stripes (you rebel), contrast them as much as possible.”

…and checked shirt:

“Gingham and plaid shirts are a safe way to bring some personal style to your office uniform, and this is where tie pairing gets more fun.”

You can read their full article here and get even more great tips from Paste Magazine on men’s style.

TSB Men’s tips on pairing collars, jackets, and ties

TSB Men (The Style Blogger) has a great post on pairing your collars, jackets, and ties correctly. The post is “Tailoring: A Game of Inches” and can be read here.

Tip: it’s all about width! From the post:

“What a difference an inch can make… Jokes aside, here the lapel, collar and tie are each 3.5″. That extra inch makes for a decidedly differently look; more luxurious, dandy, and expressive. Perhaps a little more in-your-face. “


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