Paste Magazine on How to Pair Shirts & Ties

Ever wonder how to match your necktie with your dress shirt?

Paste Magazine has a great writeup from this past spring detailing tips on how to pair your dress shirt colors and your necktie colors and patterns.

They offer tips for the solid shirt:

“You can get away with any color or pattern tie, but keep it slim to evoke an elegant, classic look”

…and striped shirt:

“The no.1 rule of tie/shirt pattern pairing: vary the size and scale of your patterns. If you’re combining stripes with stripes (you rebel), contrast them as much as possible.”

…and checked shirt:

“Gingham and plaid shirts are a safe way to bring some personal style to your office uniform, and this is where tie pairing gets more fun.”

You can read their full article here and get even more great tips from Paste Magazine on men’s style.

TSB Men’s tips on pairing collars, jackets, and ties

TSB Men (The Style Blogger) has a great post on pairing your collars, jackets, and ties correctly. The post is “Tailoring: A Game of Inches” and can be read here.

Tip: it’s all about width! From the post:

“What a difference an inch can make… Jokes aside, here the lapel, collar and tie are each 3.5″. That extra inch makes for a decidedly differently look; more luxurious, dandy, and expressive. Perhaps a little more in-your-face. “

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Honorary member of our tie club

Most straw men end up as scarecrows.  Well this straw man found his way onto a front porch with an outdated necktie. So, to help him out, we’ve made him an honorary member of our tie of the month club (although we are not sure how long he will be in existence, let alone his mail address!)



The 5 Best Subscription Razor Blade Sites

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen a wave of razor blade subscription websites, which has revolutionized not only the shaving industry, but also our thought process in choosing the right razor. Nearly every man has some sort of beard trimmer, whether it’s for “No Shave November,” or the occasional Miami Vice Party (we go to at least four a year). But even on their lowest settings, these trimmers cannot match the clean, smooth feel of a bladed shave. With so many options out there, we’ve picked out our top five subscription razor blade sites:

1. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club kicked off the shave club craze with their hilarious 2012 commercial that quickly went viral. Even better than their marketing strategy is the service itself, which offers three separate plans, including the infamous $1 twin blade, with the latter two costing $6 and $9, respectively. Combining great razors with free shipping, and an “every other month option” for the less shave-inclined, make Dollar Shave Club an easy pick.

2. Wet Shave Club

Wet Shave Club really kicks it up a notch (sorry, Emeril), offering full shaving kits each month as part of your subscription. While slightly more expensive, averaging around $17 a month, you definitely get some serious bang for your buck. Each box comes with different shaving soaps and aftershaves, along with your beloved blades, and your first order even includes a double edge razor and a shaving brush. Free shipping to the lower 48 and all sorts of little extras round out this site’s service package aimed at those looking for that perfect touch of class.

3. 800razors

800razors is one of our online favorites because of its flat pricing (25.99 for a 3 or 5 blade razor, including blade refills), and it’s famous “Burn-Free Guarantee(which some of us wish our ex-girlfriends came with). If you get that big bad burn after using an 800razor blade, just send it back and you’ll get a full refund. If they’ve got that much confidence in their product, why shouldn’t we?

4. Harry’s

Harry’s combines an upscale shave with a flat price on three different plans. For $31 per shipment, you’ll get eight blades and two shaving creams. Notice that we said per shipment, and

not per month, because Harry’s offers plans for the “Everyday,” “Occasional,” and “Infrequent” shaver, which ship every two, three, and five months, respectively. The ability to customize your subscription plan, free shipping to the contiguous 48 states, and low costs to U.S. Military bases worldwide make Harry’s a great blade site for which to honorably discharge your hard-earned cash.

5. Gillette’s Subscription Service

Who says old dogs can’t do new tricks? Most people, but definitely not those at Gillette. Gillette’s subscription service offers three different plans, each with free shipping, and each including one of their signature razors. You can get a Fusion, Mach3 Turbo, or Fusion ProGlide, costing $17.49, $17.99, and $18.99 per shipment, with each coming with four cartridges, except for the Mach3 Turbo which includes five cartridges. A trusted brand and a great price range make Gillette’s online subscription razor service an excellent choice to round out our top 5.

The Origin of Neckties

To the true grabatologists at our tie of the month club, we wanted to share a fun (but mainly educational) video that covers the origin of the necktie.  600 years of fun!


How to dress for a job interview

If you’re preparing for a professional job interview in finance, accounting, law or government, don’t forget to pack some style along with your resume. Whether you’ve been scouring jobs forever or are new to recruiting and interviewing, it’s easy to up your style game and score fashion points along with gainful employment at your next job interview. Here’s how:

Image Source:

Always Overdress

News flash: A job interview is NOT a time to phone it in. Show the recruiter or potential employer that you mean business by dressing a bit better than you think you should. Worried that you’ll overdo it? Don’t. As long as you’re not wearing a tuxedo and tails, you’re probably not as overdressed as you think. Choose a suit instead of separates. You’ll feel sharp and confident while showing the interviewer that you take the process seriously.

Groom, Groom, Groom

Before you head out the door, take a long look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Is your suit perfectly ironed? Are there any wayward stains, pieces of lint or random strings on your clothing? Would your grandmother pat your cheek or spit on her finger and wipe your face off? Grooming isn’t about adding weird lotions and potions or spending 90 hours on your hair. It’s being sure that your appearance is simple, clean and even elegant.

The Devil’s in the Details

Interviewers aren’t there to pass judgment on your menswear, but that doesn’t mean they won’t respond to a few appropriate style details. Focus first on passing the sniff test. If you wear aftershave, apply it with extreme discretion. Groom those sideburns and make sure your facial hair is fly. Clean your glasses so that you don’t reflect horrifying smudges that can detract from your astute conversation. Leave big jewelry at home. Now’s the time for subtle, classic style.

Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

One of the best interview moves you can make is to wear the perfect tie. On-point neckwear won’t just up your outer game; a great necktie will put a spring in your step and can serve as a conversation starter at your interview. Select your tie with care. Better yet, let Root Bizzle choose a great tie for you. We’ll send you a fresh tie each month to keep you on point long after you’ve aced your interview.

20 Famous Bow Tie Lovers

A few months ago, we posted out list of politicians in bow ties.  We dug up this treasure from Flavorwire, which features 20 Famous Bow Tie Lovers.

Our favorite? The infamous Penguin from Batman cartoons:

Image Credit: Flavorwire


How to tie a bow tie with Richard Sherman

In honor of the current NFL season (and former super bowl champion) Richard Sherman, we wanted to share his video where he instructs us on how to tie a bow tie.

Looking for a Yellow Striped Business Tie?

This is one of our favorite neckties at our online tie store.  It’s a Yellow with Blue Stripes Business Tie, and for a limited time, use the discount code “FALLFRESH” to save $5 on the tie! This tie goes perfect with any white or blue button down, and is a classic match to most traditional business outfits.


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