A review of our August tie on A Year of Boxes!

One of our geometric ties was reviewed on A Year of Boxes.  Here are some highlights and photos!

Source: AYearOfBoxes.com

Source: AYearOfBoxes.com

“Men are hard to buy presents for so I love a good men’s box as it makes my present buying a lot easier. I think this would make a really nice present for a boyfriend, friend, Dad, brother, etc.”

Read the full review here: http://ayearofboxes.com/2014/08/26/august-box-review-root-bizzle/

A live action shot of a Root Bizzle tie!

Ever wonder what it looks like when someone wears a Root Bizzle tie? It probably doesn’t keep you up at night, but here’s a live action video of LIM College Dean of Academic Affairs sporting his Root Bizzle tie for an interview with Reuters TV and the Associated Press – see the writeup here and video below:


Introducing the Tie Rack Refresher


Need a quick fix for those stale ties that are sitting in your closet?

Introducing our Tie Rack Refresher. Receive 6 high quality, 100% silk neckties from a diverse set of colors and patterns that match your style and size preferences.  Instead of waiting for the monthly subscription, we ship all 6 to you right away. Save money and get instant gratification with the Tie Rack Refresher.

How to fold a pocket square

A pocket square is a great addition to any outfit and makes an especially great complement to a tie. If done right, a well-styled pocket square paired with the right well-styled necktie or bowtie can lead to an amazingly sharp look. It’s a highly visible fashion item on a suit, and there are over a dozen ways to fold a pocket square.

So what is a pocket square? 

A pocket square is actually just a version of a handkerchief that is worn in the pocket (it’s actually originally called a “pocket handkerchief”).  The pocket handkerchief actually dates back to before the invention of the cravat (the modern necktie), all the way to around 500 BC when men would carry around handkerchiefs.  In the early 1900s, it became a trend to never leave the house in your suit without a pocket square tucked nicely into your jacket pocket.


What color pocket square should you wear?

A general rule is to match your pocket square color with your tie color.  But “match” needs to be used liberally.  They don’t need to be the exact same color – they just need to be coordinated.  And if they are the same color, they don’t need to be the same exact pattern – just coordinated so the patterns work well together.

How do you fold a pocket square?

The simplest fold is known as the “presidential”, which is just a right-angle folded pocket square that fits right into the pocket. Other easy folds include the Westo Four Point Fold and the TV Fold. Then there are folds based on the points, such as the One-Point Fold, Two-Point Fold, Three-Point Fold, and Four-Point fold.  The number of points indicate the number of points that should be appearing out of the suit pocket.

If you are looking for a great video on How to Fold a Pocket Square, you can see one produced by The Art of Manliness here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2gIENStLJg

So necktie club members, remember that Pocket Squares are a key addition to your style portfolio, and don’t leave home without one!

What is the proper belt size?

Not too long ago we announced the launch of Root Bizzle belts. But we continue to get the question – how do I know my belt size?

The line in the belt world is to go “One Size Up” when buying a belt.  That means that you should know your pants size and then go up one size from there.  And sizes are always in increments of two.

For example, if you wear a 34″ waist pants, when you buy a belt, you should buy a size 36 belt.

AskMen.com has a great write up on picking the best belts. 

How skinny should a skinny tie be?

We carry skinny ties as a style option at Root Bizzle tie club.  However, there is an ongoing debate about how “skinny” a skinny tie should be. That is, what is the appropriate width of a skinny tie?Skinny-Miodel

In general, a traditional tie is almost triangular and gets wider towards the end. At Root Bizzle, our Business and Whimsical tie collections are 3.25″ widths.  Our skinny ties are not as wide and more consistent width from end to end.  The width of our skinny ties ranges from 2.75″ to 3″ width.

We know, based on our experience in the neckwear industry, that there are far “skinnier” ties out there than the ones we offer.  So how skinny should a skinny tie be?

Today, there is what is known as “Extra Skinny” – which is about 1.5″ wide.  Then there is “Skinny” which tends to be between 2″ – 2.5″.  Lastly, there is “Slim” which ends up around 2.75″.  So technically, Root Bizzle skinny ties fall under the “Slim” definition.

So how do you know what level of skinny you should wear?  Hucklebury’s Art of Style blog has some tips on when and how to wear a skinny tie.  A few of their tips: “The general consensus is that skinny ties look best on tall and, you guessed it, slim men” and “for work or formal occasions, stick to slim ties (between 2.5-3inches) and leave skinny ties for casual.”  So, it sounds like the more traditional and formal the occasion, the wider your tie should be.  And you need to take your body type into account and understand whether a skinny tie will either work or not at all.

And you want to be careful to not wear too skinny of a tie (the “Extra Skinny”) – at least not too often.  While its a current fashion trend in some cases, it looks like it will be short lived and there is already a small backlash among the fashion community.  So you can carry one in your closet, but don’t expect it to have the fashion longevity of a wider tie.

We hope this helps provide a starter guide to selecting and wearing skinny ties.



Our bow tie club members show some love!

Our monthly bow tie club members are on of our fastest growing group (and most vocal!).  Check out one of our bow ties from August and some of the Twitter love it got!

August necktie customer love!

We love sharing photos that our customers post of their tie they received from our monthly tie club. Here’s a great one from @moranjames on Instagram:

Yay! #tieofthemonth #rootbizzle @rootbizzlemonthly my favorite day!

What is a “Plaid” tie?

In our series of tie pattern overviews, we’ve discussed the “Neat” tie pattern and also the infamous “Paisley” tie pattern.

Today, we’re going to provide the overview of a Plaid tie.   Plaid ties are currently very popular – they do well with many different materials (linen, silk, cotton, wool, etc) and look great with most outfits.  According to Wikipedia, Plaid is “a cloth made with a tartan pattern wrapped around the waist and cast over the shoulder and fastened at the front”. In Gaelic, “Plaid” means “Blanket”.  And its no surprise that Plaid has Gaelic origins – think of kilts, plaid button downs, blankets, quilts, and more.



Above are some pictures of red plaid ties from Root Bizzle.  Not all plaid ties are red, but red in general is a very popular color and it goes well with the plaid tie pattern.  Plaid can go great with a casual button down and pants, or even a more formal suit – especially in the fall and winter with the darker reds.

So what do you think about plaid?  When would you wear it?


More red paisley ties!

We continue to get great reviews on our red paisley ties.  We know paisley is a “love it or hate it” tie pattern, and luckily for Root Bizzle customers, when you sign up for our monthly tie club subscription box for men, you can tell us your style preferences so we pick you the right tie each month (and if you hate paisley, we’ll make sure to note that!).

Thanks to Dixie Dolls Glow for a great shot and write up on the quality of a Root Bizzle red paisley tie:


“Not only are the colors and pattern beautiful, the actually quality of the tie is really impressive. It’s soft but sturdy,  tightly stitched, and seems like it will be one of those ties that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.”

Read the full review here.


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