How to dress for a job interview

If you’re preparing for a professional job interview in finance, accounting, law or government, don’t forget to pack some style along with your resume. Whether you’ve been scouring jobs forever or are new to recruiting and interviewing, it’s easy to up your style game and score fashion points along with gainful employment at your next job interview. Here’s how:

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Always Overdress

News flash: A job interview is NOT a time to phone it in. Show the recruiter or potential employer that you mean business by dressing a bit better than you think you should. Worried that you’ll overdo it? Don’t. As long as you’re not wearing a tuxedo and tails, you’re probably not as overdressed as you think. Choose a suit instead of separates. You’ll feel sharp and confident while showing the interviewer that you take the process seriously.

Groom, Groom, Groom

Before you head out the door, take a long look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Is your suit perfectly ironed? Are there any wayward stains, pieces of lint or random strings on your clothing? Would your grandmother pat your cheek or spit on her finger and wipe your face off? Grooming isn’t about adding weird lotions and potions or spending 90 hours on your hair. It’s being sure that your appearance is simple, clean and even elegant.

The Devil’s in the Details

Interviewers aren’t there to pass judgment on your menswear, but that doesn’t mean they won’t respond to a few appropriate style details. Focus first on passing the sniff test. If you wear aftershave, apply it with extreme discretion. Groom those sideburns and make sure your facial hair is fly. Clean your glasses so that you don’t reflect horrifying smudges that can detract from your astute conversation. Leave big jewelry at home. Now’s the time for subtle, classic style.

Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

One of the best interview moves you can make is to wear the perfect tie. On-point neckwear won’t just up your outer game; a great necktie will put a spring in your step and can serve as a conversation starter at your interview. Select your tie with care. Better yet, let Root Bizzle choose a great tie for you. We’ll send you a fresh tie each month to keep you on point long after you’ve aced your interview.

20 Famous Bow Tie Lovers

A few months ago, we posted out list of politicians in bow ties.  We dug up this treasure from Flavorwire, which features 20 Famous Bow Tie Lovers.

Our favorite? The infamous Penguin from Batman cartoons:

Image Credit: Flavorwire


How to tie a bow tie with Richard Sherman

In honor of the current NFL season (and former super bowl champion) Richard Sherman, we wanted to share his video where he instructs us on how to tie a bow tie.

Looking for a Yellow Striped Business Tie?

This is one of our favorite neckties at our online tie store.  It’s a Yellow with Blue Stripes Business Tie, and for a limited time, use the discount code “FALLFRESH” to save $5 on the tie! This tie goes perfect with any white or blue button down, and is a classic match to most traditional business outfits.

Introducing subscription socks and sock of the month at Root Bizzle

We are more than thrilled to announce the launch of our monthly sock club at Root Bizzle!

As any true Grabatologist knows, ties are best worn with a great pair of socks.  So we’re super excited to have four sock plans available to our customers: black dress socks, plain white socks, or the increasingly popular fun colored socks.

Complement your monthly ties with a fresh set of socks.  We ship 2 pairs of socks to your doorstep each month, starting at $17 per month (and free shipping).  Get started today on our sock subscription.

Check out the Red Neat Business tie!

Lots of our customers have been asking to buy individual ties from us.

One of the most popular ties we carry is the Red Neat Business Tie:

Tell us your style preferences if you love this clean and simple red neat business tie!

Root Bizzle featured on Mom’s Guide to Subscription Boxes

The Houston Mom’s Blog, a blog dedicated to covering all things related to moms and the local community in Houston, has published a list called the “Mom’s Guide to Subscription Boxes”.

From the blog:

“They also make great, easy gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and even baby showers.  My husband, who works in sales, also pointed out how great they are for client gifts.  For only $10/month you can keep yourself and/or business at the top of someone’s mind!”

On the list under the men’s subscription boxes is yours truly, Root Bizzle tie club.  Thanks for sharing us!


How to Rock a Bow Tie

August 28th was National Bow Tie Day.  It’s great to see more and more attention given to the bow tie market. A few years ago bow ties represented only a tiny percentage of all neckwear sales.  Today, bow ties have surpassed 10% and they are the fastest growing neckwear segment.

Our bow tie of the month club is making it easy for bow tie lovers to build a robust and diverse collection of neckwear.  For that awesome group, we wanted to share this great post from Business Insider on “How to Rock a Bow Tie”.

Our favorite tip?

“Make it about a special event, and keep the rest of your outfit muted — think a solid color suit and shirt”

Read more:

Great shot of our floral whimsical tie!

Love whimsical ties from our monthly tie club? We have to admit, they are not for everyone – sometimes they can be way “out there” (check out our post on Whimsical ties here).

Fashion Invites, a blog that reviews new fashion items, posted a picture of one of our August whimsical style ties.  Check it out!


If you are a whimsical tie lover, use code “FALLFRESH” to get $5 off your first tie this fall.

Ridiculous Tie Knots

We’ve covered a handful of necktie knots here on our blog, including the Windsor Knot, Four-in-hand knot, and more.  But we also wanted to feature some of the most ridiculous tie knots, as seen on College Humor. 

College Humor covers “The Quintuple Windsor,” “The Practical”, “The LoveCraft”, “The Crossbow”, and “The Constrictor”.  Our favorite is “The LoveCraft” which features Tie-Thulu:


We don’t endorse any of these knots, but we wanted to share for those that are out of ideas.  See the full post here on CollegeHumor.


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