More red paisley ties!

We continue to get great reviews on our red paisley ties.  We know paisley is a “love it or hate it” tie pattern, and luckily for Root Bizzle customers, when you sign up for our monthly tie club subscription box for men, you can tell us your style preferences so we pick you the right tie each month (and if you hate paisley, we’ll make sure to note that!).

Thanks to Dixie Dolls Glow for a great shot and write up on the quality of a Root Bizzle red paisley tie:


“Not only are the colors and pattern beautiful, the actually quality of the tie is really impressive. It’s soft but sturdy,  tightly stitched, and seems like it will be one of those ties that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.”

Read the full review here.

A Root Bizzle live “unboxing”!

Curious to see a live video of a Root Bizzle necktie being unpacked from its box?  Check out the video below!

Our picks for the best men’s style forums

We often get inquiries from our customer base at our necktie club asking for advice on men’s style.  While we certainly consider ourselves stylish, we wanted to compile a list of the top men’s style forums as a resource for anyone looking to discuss current men’s fashion & style trends. Here’s a few of our recommendations:

1. The Art of Manliness


This site has great content related to all-things manly, and they have a forum dedicated to discussing men’s dress & grooming. Our favorite current topic: “thinking of removing the long hair. suggestions?”

2. Dappered Threads

Dappered Logo

Dappered is another men’s fashion & style site dedicated to covering news and reviews of menswear items.   Their forums are one of the most popular destinations on the web for discussions related to men’s style and fashion advice.

3. Styleforum


One of the original style forum’s online for men, Styleforum is great because it allows anyone to discuss men’s style with an engaged community, but it also features discussions related to the business of style – so as a vendor in the menswear industry, you can easily connect with other businesses in your trade.

4. The Cutter and Tailor

This menswear forum is dedicated primarily to the trade of menswear – often getting technical in the details of crafting menswear products.  Great for learning the nuances of menswear manufacturing.

5. Fedora Lounge

The Fedora Lounge is known for its retro, and almost “hipster”, style related topics and discussions.  If you want to look extremely sharp and rise above the average professional dresser, we’d advise you take a look at the fedora lounge.





Review of a Red Paisley Tie!

A big thanks to Pique in the Box, a blog dedicated to subscription box reviews, for their great review and photos of a Root Bizzle red paisley tie.

(Image Source: Pique in the Box)

From the review:

“The fabric is so thick and beautiful, and my husband absolutely adores it!”

The best mens dress sock subscription sites

A few months ago we listed out our top 5 sock subscription sites.  Today, we are zooming on again on that category to list out the top subscription sock websites specifically in the dress sock category.  Here it is:

1. Manpacks


Manpacks is a perennial leader in all things undergarments for men – and we love their dress sock options, which are high quality, stylish, and available as one-offs or as a subscription.


he socks is known for its high quality dress sock subscription, and beautiful packaging.  They only ship today to Europe and the UK.

3. Ozone socks 


Ozone socks sells both men’s and women’s sock subscriptions, and they also have a variety of socks ranging from the whimsical and colorful to the more traditional basic black sock designs.

4. Ankle Swagger

Another men’s sock site is AnkleSwagger, and they offer a variety of subscription packages with different pricing and renewal options.  We love their site design and their colorful socks that could be worn as dress socks or for fun.

5. Sockwork


Sockwork is fantastic because they offer high quality sock subscriptions for men and women that can be worn as dress socks.  But even better, a portion of every purchase you make goes to charity.




5 great sites for buying men’s belts online

The other day, we announced the launch of Root Bizzle belts for men.  We only have 6 styles of belts available (all for men), so as a favor to our audience (and because we love doing it too), we’ve also scoured the internet to find the top 5 sites to buy belts online for men. Here are our suggestions:


This classic domain has an insanely large inventory of belts for both men and women.  You can pretty much get whatever you want – leather belts, jean belts, woven belts, cool design belts, and more.  Built on Yahoo! stores, this site has been around a long time and has a great reputation.

2. Zappos Belts

Famous for its customer service, vast selection of shoes, and large acquisition by, Zappos is also becoming a great online store for belt buyers. Available in most materials and selections for men, women, children, and more, we’d highly recommend checking out the Zappos belt selection.

3. Spencer’s

Bet you didn’t expect to see this retro favorite up there! Known for its wacky accessories and gift selection, Spencer’s is also a great option when you are looking for a non-traditional belt to upgrade your style from plain to insane. You can even buy seatbelts.

4. C4 Belts


We’re big fans of C4 Belts because of their intuitive web interface, and also because every purchase you make includes a contribution to a charity.  You can choose your own colors and choose between “Classic” and “Skinny” style, and also choose a charity from their list of options.

5. Shepler’s


Shepler’s is a western attire retailer, and if you are looking for a good old fashioned leather belt with the traditional western flair, look no farther than Shepler’s. They have belts and suspenders from top brands, all with the cowboy / western / pioneer attitude.

How to tie a bow tie knot



With our launch of the monthly bowtie club, it’s important that all our customers understand how to tie a bowtie. It’s a myth for many people, especially those that don’t regularly wear bow ties – so don’t get caught in the crossfire.  Here’s our visual guide on how to tie a bow tie.


The bow tie is a silk knot tied symmetrically around the neck that originated among the Croatians mercenaries in the 17th century BC. It was later worn by the French Elite. Bowties can be worn at formal evens like cocktail parties or to show off your quirky side at work or for a night on the town.

Question (that we still don’t yet know the correct answer to!): is it a “bowtie” or a “bow tie”? Chime in!

Neckties on Instagram

Who would have thought, but Instagram (the photo sharing site bought by Facebook) is full of pictures of neckties :)

Well, now you can follow Root Bizzle tie club on Instagram.

Check us out here!

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Ron Burgundy’s neckties

We have many TV anchors as customers of our monthly tie club, so we wanted to honor the neckties of the most famous TV anchor of all-time – Ron Burgundy. Below are some of our favorite!

Our favorite pink necktie

We love our customers and love when they show us some love back (or more importantly, love for our neckties!).  Not everyone in our tie club can stomach pink as a color for their tie collection, but we have one customer showing us some pink necktie love!



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