Ron Burgundy’s neckties

We have many TV anchors as customers of our monthly tie club, so we wanted to honor the neckties of the most famous TV anchor of all-time – Ron Burgundy. Below are some of our favorite!

Our favorite pink necktie

We love our customers and love when they show us some love back (or more importantly, love for our neckties!).  Not everyone in our tie club can stomach pink as a color for their tie collection, but we have one customer showing us some pink necktie love!


Introducing Root Bizzle Belts

Belts are one of the most popular things to wear around your waist.  Especially if you wear pants or shorts, which our studies tell us most people do.  Apparently, belts help to hold your pants up and also add some style to your outfit.

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of the Root Bizzle Online Belt Store.  What’s special about our belts?  Here is the low-down:

  • Root Bizzle belts are high quality, 100% leather belts that go perfectly in any professional attire situation
  • All our belts are priced at $30 with free U.S. shipping, and you can select different styles, colors, and sizes to match your style preferences.
  • Belts are not a subscription offering – you don’t have to get a new belt every month.  Our belts ship monthly on the 15th of each month.
  • If you are an existing subscriber to our monthly tie club, you get an exclusive discount code to receive 33% off any belt and have it added on to your upcoming tie shipment.

Our belts styles include Orlando Leather, Hurricane Leather, Chesapeake Leather, Atlantis Leather, and a reversible belt option. 

So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time & money at expensive and painful menswear offline big box menswear stores and get a high quality affordable belt shipped to your doorstep, from your friends at Root Bizzle Belts.

Our monthly tie club – now shipping to Canada!

Canada is known for its many cultural symbols – the maple leaf, hockey, curling, & Montreal.  But now Canada has access to our monthly tie club.   That’s right – Root Bizzle now ships neckties to Canada.

We’re excited to extend the tradition of Grabatology (tie collecting) to Canada.  And we make it easy for anyone to build a high quality, stylish necktie collection matching their style preferences.

Canadian subscribers can get started today – pricing is the same ($20 – $25/mo), but there is an additional $10 shipping fee for Canadian customers today.

Go Maple Leafs, Canadians, Raptors, and others!

Our monthly knot – the Prince Albert Tie Knot!

For our July monthly tie knot, we’re featuring the Prince Albert Tie Knot. If you are looking for a simple but unique necktie knot, this one is for you (all tie of the month club members are encouraged to share images of their knots using hashtag #bizzleknot)

The Prince Albert knot, another contemporary classic knot, is often called the double-simple knot due to its second warp-around.  This makes for a more voluminous asymmetrical knot perfect for wearing with both dress shirts and sports shirts.

PrinceAlbert_Postcard (1)

See past knots here:

How to tie the Four-in-Hand Tie Knot

How to tie the Windsor Tie Knot


The most popular day for red neckties

The annual San Fermin  “running of the bulls” festival was held in Spain this past week.  And the most popular item?  The red necktie. Seen here via this Mashable article:

Did you know that the Running of the Bulls was the first time bright and solid red neckties were worn? It was in 1910, and the festival traditionally lasts 9 days.


Our favorite Alexi Lalas neckties

The World Cup is heading into its final stages, and at our tie of the month club, we have been more than fascinated by the excellent style of one specific player – Alexi Lalas.  He is not just any player – he is a former player turned ESPN soccer commentator. And why has Alexi Lalas impressed us? Well, obviously his tie collection.  He definitely likes striped ties, and he likes bold colors.  But that is not surprising given his fun on-air personality and his long-hair that he sported as an actual player back in the 1990s.  So here are three of our favorite Alexi Lalas neckties.

1. The Blueberries & Cream Striped Tie


We love this tie because not every man can get away with wearing a light purple tie, but with Alexi’s red hair in his black suit, he sports it perfectly.

2. The Crazy Whimsical Apple-Watermelon Striped Tie


Again, this is only something that a player who once sported a mustache and dreads and a headband during his matches could pull off.  You can see the continued theme with the stripes, and he was definitely going for a tropical feel.

3. The “I Have a Mustache” Striped Tie


This yellow & brown striped tie goes great with a mustache that is red and burly. Alexi sports its great and its a nice contrast to his dark jacket.

Perhaps some day we will be lucky enough to get Alexi to join Root Bizzle.  In the meantime, we’ll sit back and admire!






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