Ridiculous Tie Knots

We’ve covered a handful of necktie knots here on our blog, including the Windsor Knot, Four-in-hand knot, and more.  But we also wanted to feature some of the most ridiculous tie knots, as seen on College Humor. 

College Humor covers “The Quintuple Windsor,” “The Practical”, “The LoveCraft”, “The Crossbow”, and “The Constrictor”.  Our favorite is “The LoveCraft” which features Tie-Thulu:

Source: CollegeHumor.com

We don’t endorse any of these knots, but we wanted to share for those that are out of ideas.  See the full post here on CollegeHumor.

How to wear a tie bar

Ties are one of the most popular fashion accessories – they add style and color to a professional outfit such as a black suit and white shirt.   Our monthly tie club helps customers build a robust tie collection that matches their style preferences.

But in the world of ties, there are accessories specifically for ties themselves.  Today, we are going to provide an outline of tie bars – what they are, and when & how to wear them.

Image: HeSpokeStyle.com

If worn correctly, a tie bar can provide a big boost to your look.  The original purpose of a tie bar is to attach the tie to your dress shirt, so the tie does not flap around.  The tie bar should be worn at the correct height – between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt (from top to bottom). The tie bar itself should be clipped to the front of the tie, but clip around through your dress shirt on the back, to create the attachment.  It doesn’t make sense to wear a tie bar on just the tie – it will add style but look goofy when your tie flaps around!

Another rule of thumb with tie bars is that the tie bar should never be wider than your tie.  Most tie bars are by definition not wide enough to be wider than your tie, but if you like to wear very skinny ties, be conscious of the width of your tie bar.

There are also two common styles of tie bars: pinch clasp and side clasp. Both work fine and its a matter of preference, but pinch clasp does tend to be the more popular option.




Want to make your own beer at home?

Attention beer drinkers and necktie wearers!  Looking for a fantastic brew your own beer kit?  Look no farther than The Beer Machine!  An easy way to get started brewing your own beer.

What is a Geometric necktie?

In our continuing series on necktie patterns, we are going to cover Geometric tie patterns.

“Geometric” ties are one of the simplest and most common tie patterns.  As the name implies, a geometric tie pattern is typically an array of a single shape – such as a square, triangle, or circle. Other popular shapes in a geometric tie pattern include rectangles, octagons, oblongs, and more. Most geometric ties have a basic background color, and then a bolder color of the shape itself which pops when viewed.  This is commonly called the “two-tone” look.  More advanced versions of the geometric tie pattern can have three or more colors, which can often create a more vibrant, almost three-dimensional type of look.

Geometric Tie. Source: Pinterest.

Geometric ties are known for their conservative and classic style.  They can be worn at work or to social events, and rarely do you find a geometric necktie that is out of place.  Additionally, Geometric ties can pretty much go with any color shirt, as long as the shirt color is different than the background color of the tie.

If you are interested in building a robust collection of geometric ties, Root Bizzle tie club offers a wide selection of geometric ties across all our styles in our monthly tie club. When you sign up, just let us know that you prefer Geometric and we will be sure to send some your way!



Love your pet? Here’s some unique pet box subscription services

At Root Bizzle, we strive to help our club members become professional dressers without the hassle of going to menswear stores.

We also love recommending new subscriptions for them to try out (see our list of top sock subscription sites, for example).

Today, we are going to slightly pivot from the menswear and apparel category and instead talk about pet subscription services. If you love your pet – cat, dog, lizard, chicken, goat – there is a subscription service for you.  And if you find it super inconvenient to go to the pet store (which often happens to be right next to the menswear store), then you can solve many problems at once by joining our tie club and subscribing to the right pet service for you!

1. Purr-Packs

Purr-Packs is a subscription service for the cat in your life.  You can choose your subscription plan and customize it, including selecting a flavor profile for your cat (do they like poultry, fish, beef, etc?).

2. Poop Bag Club

Poop Bag club is exactly what it sounds like – a subscription service for dog poop pickup bags.  If you never want to run out of poop bags again or face the inconvenience of going to the pet store and buying overpriced poop bags, try out poop bag club and you’ll be good to go.

3. BarkBox

This is the behemoth of pet subscription services for dogs.  BarkBox sends you new items for the dog you love every month. They also have the BarkPost, which is a blog dedicated to all things doggy-love.

4. Litter One

Similar to Poop Bag Club, if you are searching for convenience for your cat’s litter replenishment, look no farther than Litter One and receive your 100% biodegradable products conveniently at your doorstep.

What is a “conversational” tie?

Our series on different tie patterns continues.  Previously we discussed plaid ties, paisley ties, and neat ties. Today, we are going to cover the sometimes obscure necktie design known as a “conversational” tie pattern.

In general, when someone states that they prefer “conversational” neckties, that means that they prefer ties that generate a conversation. This usually means someone coming up to them, saying “hey, what’s that on your tie?” and then from there, a conversation starts.  It’s more than just “hey, I like your tie!”.  It’s about what is on that tie? 

Conversational ties range from the more conservative “whimsical” patterns that are wearable to work or to social events – such as elephants or flowers or dogs or umbrellas – all the way to the more unique “themed” neckties that feature a pattern which is interesting but you probably would resign to your closet.

Themed neckties. Source: robertdaskal.com

Above, a set of “themed” neckties.  These range from music to food to national to cultural.  While fun, these patterns are rarely worn in a work environment.  They certainly can stir up “conversation” under the right circumstances.

Animal patterns. Source: MailOnline.

Above, a set of animal patterned ties.  These also fit the “conversational” necktie category, but can also be worn in a professional environment and go well with most suits and menswear outfits.

Whimsical Tie. Source: Pea of Sweetness

Lastly, the above featured tie comes from the Root Bizzle whimsical tie collection.  It is a conversation starter (“what pattern is on your tie?”), but also is conservative enough to wear to work or with most outfits in general.

This should serve as a useful style guide when thinking about what a “conversational” tie looks like and the wide spectrum of options.  If you want to build up your collection of Whimsical ties, don’t hesitate to join our monthly tie club and get fresh neckties delivered to your door each month.



A review of our August tie on A Year of Boxes!

One of our geometric ties was reviewed on A Year of Boxes.  Here are some highlights and photos!

Source: AYearOfBoxes.com

Source: AYearOfBoxes.com

“Men are hard to buy presents for so I love a good men’s box as it makes my present buying a lot easier. I think this would make a really nice present for a boyfriend, friend, Dad, brother, etc.”

Read the full review here: http://ayearofboxes.com/2014/08/26/august-box-review-root-bizzle/

A live action shot of a Root Bizzle tie!

Ever wonder what it looks like when someone wears a Root Bizzle tie? It probably doesn’t keep you up at night, but here’s a live action video of LIM College Dean of Academic Affairs sporting his Root Bizzle tie for an interview with Reuters TV and the Associated Press – see the writeup here and video below:


Introducing the Tie Rack Refresher


Need a quick fix for those stale ties that are sitting in your closet?

Introducing our Tie Rack Refresher. Receive 6 high quality, 100% silk neckties from a diverse set of colors and patterns that match your style and size preferences.  Instead of waiting for the monthly subscription, we ship all 6 to you right away. Save money and get instant gratification with the Tie Rack Refresher.

How to fold a pocket square

A pocket square is a great addition to any outfit and makes an especially great complement to a tie. If done right, a well-styled pocket square paired with the right well-styled necktie or bowtie can lead to an amazingly sharp look. It’s a highly visible fashion item on a suit, and there are over a dozen ways to fold a pocket square.

So what is a pocket square? 

A pocket square is actually just a version of a handkerchief that is worn in the pocket (it’s actually originally called a “pocket handkerchief”).  The pocket handkerchief actually dates back to before the invention of the cravat (the modern necktie), all the way to around 500 BC when men would carry around handkerchiefs.  In the early 1900s, it became a trend to never leave the house in your suit without a pocket square tucked nicely into your jacket pocket.


What color pocket square should you wear?

A general rule is to match your pocket square color with your tie color.  But “match” needs to be used liberally.  They don’t need to be the exact same color – they just need to be coordinated.  And if they are the same color, they don’t need to be the same exact pattern – just coordinated so the patterns work well together.

How do you fold a pocket square?

The simplest fold is known as the “presidential”, which is just a right-angle folded pocket square that fits right into the pocket. Other easy folds include the Westo Four Point Fold and the TV Fold. Then there are folds based on the points, such as the One-Point Fold, Two-Point Fold, Three-Point Fold, and Four-Point fold.  The number of points indicate the number of points that should be appearing out of the suit pocket.

If you are looking for a great video on How to Fold a Pocket Square, you can see one produced by The Art of Manliness here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2gIENStLJg

So necktie club members, remember that Pocket Squares are a key addition to your style portfolio, and don’t leave home without one!


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