5 Reasons You Need a Paisley Tie

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Paisley neckties are classy, fashionable and fun! They show others that you have a confident sense of style and fashion. Paisley does not have to be loud or in your face. It can be cool and collected giving off a sharp image.


Although the paisley pattern dates back to early Persia, the term was coined in early Britain. The paisley phenomenon really caught fire in the sixties when the Beatles got this trend rolling. From coordinated and matching suit styles to more trendy, rebellious looks; all youngsters preferred paisley as their go to style. The bold patterns and flashy prints brought out the golden era for paisley ties.

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  • Paisley’s Are A Great Way to Add Color – If you like being sophisticated and prefer a classically styled wardrobe then paisley is a great way to incorporate some color and flare. Paisley can be the best option to achieve a fashion style while still being office appropriate. Paisleys are a statement all their own and go great with a classic chic suit.
  • Sick of Those Stripes and Solids –Sometimes enough is enough, we all need to step outside the box. Try something different, you will be shocked how many compliments you get just by making this subtle change.
  • Perfect Necktie for Meetings or Travel – So your job requires you to travel a lot and the last thing you want is to look boring or jet lagged. The paisley is a great way to make a strong impression. The best go to tie for these situations is a paisley tie. Another great feature of the paisley when it comes to travel is that it can be paired with a basic travel suit and used to accent the staple work attire you usually pack.
  • Mix and Match – The best thing about owning a paisley is that it can go with anything you already own. Because paisley usually has a subtle mix of colors it works well as the piece which “ties”  everything together. That plain, gray suit of yours will be suddenly reinvented with a bold paisley. If you have a navy or black suit, a patterned and colorful paisley tie will be sure to jazz it up. Your shirts can be basic or deeper in color depending on how trendy you want to get. Solid shirts or very subtle prints do work best with paisley ties.
  • Look Confident and Stand Out – Many men do not opt for a paisley because they feel it is overwhelming. They are not exactly sure how to pair them so avoid them all together. What is important to remember is that paisley is not “out there” it simply makes you stand out with your own significance. A tie is that part of your outfit that jumps out; so getting it right is a must for any look. What is most important is that you own your look and wear it with confidence and comfort.

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