An institution dedicated to Cravats

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The cravat is an early version of a necktie – often worn by Croatian soldiers in the 17th century and also made famous by Louis XIV of France.

Did you know there is a non-profit institution solely dedicated to the importance of the Cravat in Croatian history?  We did not – until now.

The Academia Cravatica is a “non-profit institution founded on 26th March 1997 and it studies, preserves, and improves the cravat as part of Croatian and world heritage.” We believe its pretty wild that this institution exists – but a clear indicator as to the importance of the Cravat to world history.  It makes sense given the role of the Cravat in the military dress of the time, and the impact that the European wars of the era had on the future of the region.

Within the institution, there is a list of interesting facts, including what different color Cravats “say” about your mood and personality.

For example:

“…Blue is the color of eternity; it symbolises wholeness, peace, and a person wearing a blue tie is probably honest, quiet, and calm….

…Yellow. Young, hopeful, happy! What else can be associated with such a funky colour!…”

If you are super into cravats, or if you are a grabatologist like our tie of the month club members, we’d suggest you check out the Academia Cravatica for more awesome info.