Charcoal Is The New Black

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Charcoal Is The New Black

Season after season, year after year, and decade after decade the world of ties has seen a clear #1 best seller. Although its shape and construction has shifted over time one thing’s for sure: the solid black tie has never wavered in popularity. While we agree a solid black tie is an easy go-to, we’re here to tell you that when it comes to fashion you can do better.  Leave the solid black ties for funerals or black-tie affairs and start to embrace what we think is the new black: charcoal. 





Charcoal as a color and is considered part of the ‘off-gray’ family and looks like a lighter, ashier version of black. Charcoal is literally created by the burning of wood. The color immediately makes us think of cooler fall days where we can almost smell the woodsy, smoky charcoal aromas in the air.

The best part about charcoal? It pairs with pretty much everything. We’ve put together a couple of our favorite combos for you to rock this fall:



We could go on and on about our love for all things charcoal, but we think we’ve made our point! Charcoal is a modern, sleek alternative to the solid black tie. It’s easily matched with almost any color and can take you right through fall to winter and even spring. If you’re going to buy one new tie this season do yourself a favor and make it a charcoal one.