10 Things we can’t live without this fall

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As the end of October draws near, here’s a sneak peak at what Rootbizzle’s been coveting this fall…

  1. Burgundy Everything
    • This warm, rich tone is comforting in anticipation of a cold, stark winter. Wearing burgundy makes us feel wrapped up and ready for the cold weather ahead.
  2. This Stonewall cocktail from Food and Wine Magazine
      • Gingerbeer + Apple Cider… need we say more?
  3. Chelsea boots
    • Chelsea boots are easy to pull on and made to last. We consider this style an upgrade to the chukkas and desert boots we’ve been wearing the past couple of years. Wear a shinier black pair with a dark suit, or pair some tan suede boots with khakis.
  4. Gotham
    • The story behind the story of our favorite superhero: Batman. We enjoyed watching season 1 last year, but we just love how the second season kicked off this fall.
  5. Shirts with Plaids and Checks
    • Wearing shirts like this one from JCrew makes us feel cozy all day long. Our summer weight polos have been retired for the season and our checked sports shirts almost make us feel as if it’s the weekend every day. Plus, these patterns go well with a solid colored knit tie for a modern fall outfit.plaidshirt
  6. Nomadic Matt’s Travel Blog
    • Specifically, we can’t live without his dreamy post about Morocco because it makes us feel like our next trip is just around the corner.
  7. Textured Heather Sweaters (like this beauty available at Frank and Oak)
    • We can’t get enough of the textured yarns that have been flooding the market this season. The heathered nature of these sweaters makes us think of a time when men wore three piece tweed suits on college campuses.
  8. Maple Syrup
    • Maybe it’s the cold fall air, but we can’t live without maple syrup this season. Seriously, there’s nothing we can think of that wouldn’t taste better with the woodsy sweet syrup drizzled on top, like these drool-worthy waffles from James Martin.maplesyrup_RB
  9. Makr’s Leather Phone and Card Case
    • What can we say? We have a soft spot for beautifully handmade leather goods that can hold both our phone and cards without feeling bulky in our pocket.
  10. Microsoft’s First Laptop
    • Microsoft just released its first laptop called the Surface Book. It’s made out of a single piece of magnesium and it’s two times faster than apple’s MacBook pro. We’re sold!microsoftlaptop