Win One Year of Free Monthly Ties for Dad

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Rootbizzle is all about sending stylish men’s ties and socks to your door monthly. All we need from you is to choose what type of ties you would like to receive: business, skinny or whimsical styles available in lengths of 58 inches, 63 inches, or bowties. Once your style preferences are filled out with your favorite colors and patterns, our curators will carefully look over your profile to pick the tie that’s best for you.

We don’t use robots of fancy algorithms to pick your tie, but offer a personalized human service. Our style curators are passionate about getting to know you so we can send you your best look every month. We rarely send the same tie to multiple customers as every month customers are sent ties unique to their taste profiles. Our style curators love to hear from you and can always be reached with special requests

Dads deserve to be spoiled on father’s day. Whether your dad wears a tie daily or just for important lifecycle events, he’s entitled to look good. Let’s face it, sometimes dads are a little challenged in the fashion department and need some help to look their best. Rootbizzle’s curation team is up for the challenge! Sign your father up for a neckwear subscription and he will be prompted to enter his style preferences by filling out our short questionnaire. Our curators will take it from there, sending your dad upscale, modern, sophisticated and trendy looks every month.

Participate on Instagram for a chance to win a 12 months subscription to Rootbizzle for your dad just in time for Father’s Day!

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  • Post a picture of your dad on instagram
  • Tell us why your Dad’s is the best using #MyDadIsBetterThanYours because…
  • Use the Hashtag #Rootbizzle so we can find you!

Our contest winner will be announced Friday, June 19th. (Submissions will be considered until midnight on Thursday, June 18th.) Our winner will be announced on Instagram, so be sure to follow us and stay posted!

Good luck to everyone!