Holiday Gift Guide/His and Her’s

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It’s never too early to get a head start on one of the most daunting tasks out there- Holiday Shopping. We decided to keep things super simple on this one by recommending 8 of our favorite gifts for men, and for women. We will leave the kids portion to you, with the range in ages and interests we do not want to go into information overload, although we will suggest that gift cards are always a great option for kids of all ages.


Men’s Picks-

  • A Tie/Sock/ Or Bow-tie Subscription: This can be purchased at yours truly ROOTBIZZLE: What a fun and neat idea for a gift! The recipient will receive a monthly package to his door. Christmas can extend into several months and it’s super practical and original.
  • A Massage Certificate at a Local Gym or Spa: This is the type of luxury service that one rarely indulges on for themselves. This gift will remind the recipient how great it is to treat yourself.
  • A Gift Card for a Restaurant: This can even be given to a couple to use on a date night at one of your favorite restaurants.
  • A Fresh Cosmetic Case: This is a great useful gift for travel or to help keep yourself organized at home. If you want to go the extra mile you can even have the case personalized for that extra touch.

.cosmetic bag

  • A Cool Pair of Earbuds: In today’s world you can never have too many earbuds. Depending on your budget you can go for wireless, in ear, over ear… the options are endless.
earbuds rootbizzle
  • Re-Usable Water Bottle: Water is a necessity to all in so this gift appeals to the masses. With the growth in environmental awareness and concern we are no longer plowing through plastic water bottles the way we used to. Re-usable are responsible and a very in style right now. This water bottles can get pricey so it’s always nice to be gifted a fresh one.
water bottles
  • A Bottle of Wine or Spirits: Nothing says Happy Holidays like a nice bottle of Alcohol. If you are not sure the person’s poison of choice, give them one of your favorites to add a personal touch. Even if you don’t get it right, it is always great to have a new edition to the bar for entertaining.
holiday booze gift
  • A Pair of Gloves: For the guy who is changing seasons a smart pair of leather gloves is always a great gift. Gloves get so haggered from season to season if you haven’t managed to lose them, so it’s a wonderful surprise to have them replaced come December.
lather gloves

Women’s Picks:

  • Personalized Cards: This is always a thoughtful, personal and useful gift. The cards can be used for birthdays, thank you notes, teacher gifts etc.…and are great to have on hand for any occasion. You can have them made up for an individual or for a family depending on your needs.
  • A Massage Certificate at a Local Gym or Spa: Who doesn’t like to take some time to pamper themselves? This is the type of luxury service that one rarely indulges on for themselves. Spoil your loved ones, they will thank you!
spa rootbizzle
  • A Cool Book: For this we do not suggest a Novel but rather a Great Cookbook, Photography Book, Fashion Book or Coffee Table book. Something that would appeal to the interests of the recipient. This is a great statement gift and is something that will adorn the home while reminding them of you!
  • A Gift Card to her Favorite Store: This one is pretty unoriginal and perhaps obvious but sometimes this is the best gift of all. If you know the person well and think she would love this most than go with it! Sometimes it’s best to leave the choosing to the giftee, especially if she is picky.
shopping rootbizzle
  • Beauty Products: Now a days every makeup line comes out with amazing holiday makeup kits keeping it super easy to shop. Wither it’s a eyeshadow palette or perfume box women love these kits because it gives them a chance to try something new. Ask the representative at the store to help you pick something versatile and popular.
  • Coffee Card: If the person you are buying for loves their designer coffee every day, this is the perfect gift! Those coffees add up and can get very expensive so a coffee card can be a great treat.
  • Candles: A beautiful scented candle is always a lovely and calming gift and it really is not something one will tend to buy for themself. This is a great gift for those near and dear and for those that you do not know so well too. It’s versatile and easy and best of all it smells great!
  • A New Scarf:  A Scarf is can be 4 season and is always a great accessory to enhance any outfit or to layer on for warmth. They come in all different price points and qualities so can fit into any budget or climate as well.