How to fold a pocket square

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A pocket square is a great addition to any outfit and makes an especially great complement to a tie. If done right, a well-styled pocket square paired with the right well-styled necktie or bowtie can lead to an amazingly sharp look. It’s a highly visible fashion item on a suit, and there are over a dozen ways to fold a pocket square.

So what is a pocket square? 

A pocket square is actually just a version of a handkerchief that is worn in the pocket (it’s actually originally called a “pocket handkerchief”).  The pocket handkerchief actually dates back to before the invention of the cravat (the modern necktie), all the way to around 500 BC when men would carry around handkerchiefs.  In the early 1900s, it became a trend to never leave the house in your suit without a pocket square tucked nicely into your jacket pocket.


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What color pocket square should you wear?

A general rule is to match your pocket square color with your tie color.  But “match” needs to be used liberally.  They don’t need to be the exact same color – they just need to be coordinated.  And if they are the same color, they don’t need to be the same exact pattern – just coordinated so the patterns work well together.

How do you fold a pocket square?

The simplest fold is known as the “presidential”, which is just a right-angle folded pocket square that fits right into the pocket. Other easy folds include the Westo Four Point Fold and the TV Fold. Then there are folds based on the points, such as the One-Point Fold, Two-Point Fold, Three-Point Fold, and Four-Point fold.  The number of points indicate the number of points that should be appearing out of the suit pocket.

If you are looking for a great video on How to Fold a Pocket Square, you can see one produced by The Art of Manliness here:

So necktie club members, remember that Pocket Squares are a key addition to your style portfolio, and don’t leave home without one!