How To Organize Your Accessories

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You’ve finally done it! Built up the accessory stash that accents your personal style. You have chosen all the right shoes, socks, pocket squares, ties etc… with meticulous care and creativity. This is amazing! Now that last piece of the puzzle remains; how does one organize all these accouterments? Accessories can often be small, oddly shaped and hard to organize which ultimately results in a hot mess. We have done the research and have compiled some tricks to keep your collection clean, tidy and easy to navigate. Hope this blog proves to be a helpful guide to keeping your closet and more importantly those accessories nice and neat.


When we think men’s accessories the image of a tie is usually first to enter the mind. There are only a few ways to store this item as it is usually made up high quality, delicate fabrics. The best way to avoid creasing and wrinkling is to hang your ties on a tie rack. This is an inexpensive and efficient way to maintain the look and integrity while achieving organization, visibility and access. Tie racks can come in hanger form or free standing, so you can choose which works best in your particular space. If your storage situation is comprised mainly of drawer space, another option to consider is rolling your ties. Rolling the ties does not create any folds, keeping your tie crisp. A drawer organizer can help to allocating compartments for various accessory categories so that each grouping has its own separate space.

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Everyone pretty much has the same messy, disorganized often neglected sock drawer. Socks paired together in balls all thrown together into one big mosh pit. First step to remedy this area is some purging. Sort through this drawer and anything that it torn, mismatched or has not been worn in the past 6 months needs to be thrown out. Next get dividers and think in terms of categories (Dress, Fun, Gym). Rather than pairing your socks together in balls lay them one on top of the other and roll them as you would roll your ties. Once you roll the pair into a nice cylinder start placing them in nice neat rows within your divided drawers. You will be so satisfied with the look of you drawer, you will never want to roll a sock ball again!

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Our favorite way to store belts is by rolling them up and placing them in a drawer, out of sight. If you have a ton of belts though, a belt rack will also suffice.

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Smaller Accessories and Do Dads:

A great solution for items such as shirt stays, cuff links, bracelets, tie bars and watches are boxes. Much like a woman uses a jewelry box, men can now have the same luxury and convenience. There are so many masculine leather boxes on the market with great compartments especially allocated to all the “stuff” that is so hard to store. For a more rustic look you can always use an old cigar box or over sized match box, vintage trays or ashtrays.

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As for hats, they can be stacked on a dresser or a shelf. Depending on the look of your space and your personal taste you can always add some hooks to your wall, and hang your hats on display. No matter what you decide it is important that you do not smoosh or cramp your hats as they will lose their shape.

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It is always nice to see what you have. Often when shoes are stored in dust bags or boxes we can forget that we have them for an entire season. In an ideal closet, you have some shelves specifically designed to display your shoes. If you do not have enough space for all of your shoes than display the current season and rotate in and out of storage as you need. For those who have less space and no shoe shelving, a shoe rack is an amazing option. Shoe racks are sold in all sizes, price point and quality, and can be placed anywhere. If your closet is at maximum capacity there is no problem, place the rack in another room. Any hallway, mud room or entrance is a great place to store your shoe rack long as it’s kept sleek, organized and tidy.

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