How to Style a Floral Tie

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With Spring around the corner, and floral prints still trending we thought this would be great time to address the always fun and fashionable floral tie.

This accessory always adds a great hint of color, print and character to your look attracting the envy and attention of others. Florals show confidence, style, personality and a great flare for fashion.

We have put together some styling tips to get you inspired.


1) Floral ties or bow ties works best with solid color suits. When you’re looking to stand out but still need to dress conservatively, this is your move. Coordinate the colors of the tie with that of your suit and you’ll draw every eye in the room.

Floral 1 RootbizzleFloral 2 Rootbizzle

2) Do not over mix your prints. You want to make sure your look appears clean and calculated, with sophistication and integrity. There is no need to wear a busy printed shirt with your floral tie- this will look contrived and messy.

prints on printsmixed patterns

3) If wearing a floral tie is already very adventurous for you, then be sure to pair it with a solid shirt and suit in the same color family as your tie print. If you are feeling more, bold you can pair it with a neat or tonal shirt or suit for a more textured look.

shirt and tieneat shirt floral tie


4) Florals are not solely reserved for the warmer months, they are great year round. Of course, in the Fall you may choose more of an earth tone palette, while in Spring/Summer can be more tropical as is the case with all your ties.

Fall Floralposts

5) Last but never least, have fun! Fashion is meant to be a fun way to express yourself, and rules are often meant to be broken. Jump out of your comfort zone and take the plunge, go for the print that speaks to you and own your look.

flowerpower_insta_squarefloral bowites rootbizzle