How to wear a tie bar

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Ties are one of the most popular fashion accessories – they add style and color to a professional outfit such as a black suit and white shirt.   Our monthly tie club helps customers build a robust tie collection that matches their style preferences.

But in the world of ties, there are accessories specifically for ties themselves.  Today, we are going to provide an outline of tie bars – what they are, and when & how to wear them.


If worn correctly, a tie bar can provide a big boost to your look.  The original purpose of a tie bar is to attach the tie to your dress shirt, so the tie does not flap around.  The tie bar should be worn at the correct height – between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt (from top to bottom). The tie bar itself should be clipped to the front of the tie, but clip around through your dress shirt on the back, to create the attachment.  It doesn’t make sense to wear a tie bar on just the tie – it will add style but look goofy when your tie flaps around!

Another rule of thumb with tie bars is that the tie bar should never be wider than your tie.  Most tie bars are by definition not wide enough to be wider than your tie, but if you like to wear very skinny ties, be conscious of the width of your tie bar.

There are also two common styles of tie bars: pinch clasp and side clasp. Both work fine and its a matter of preference, but pinch clasp does tend to be the more popular option.