Knit Ties: The Inside Scoop

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With knit ties surfacing as one of spring’s must-have trends, you might be asking yourself: What’s the deal?

Knit ties are usually made from silk or wool, distinguished by their unique shape and casual feel. The knit tie is narrow, with a straight edge along the bottom, known as the ‘bobtail’. Made popular in the sixties, the knit tie can accessorize both formal and casual outfits alike. One of the biggest proponent of the knit tie during this era was Sean Connery, who wore this look as James Bond in Goldfinger. Other celebrities of the time followed suit; Paul Newman, the Beatles and James Dean all rocked the knit look.


Today the knit tie is back in a big way. The loose character and casual nature of the accessory compliments the sleek silhouette in menswear today. While most knitted ties are solid, small patterns like stripes and dots are gaining popularity. These ties are ideally worn with small knot like the four-in-hand as knitted fabric makes the knot look bigger by nature. Ideal for travel or someone with a no-fuss attitude towards style, this tie does not need to be pressed or hung up but can be stored rolled in a drawer. Wear it to spruce up a casual outfit, add personality to a traditional suit or with a patterned shirt in a coordinated color.