Love your pet? Here’s some unique pet box subscription services

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At Root Bizzle, we strive to help our club members become professional dressers without the hassle of going to menswear stores.

We also love recommending new subscriptions for them to try out (see our list of top sock subscription sites, for example).

Today, we are going to slightly pivot from the menswear and apparel category and instead talk about pet subscription services. If you love your pet – cat, dog, lizard, chicken, goat – there is a subscription service for you.  And if you find it super inconvenient to go to the pet store (which often happens to be right next to the menswear store), then you can solve many problems at once by joining our tie club and subscribing to the right pet service for you!

1. Purr-Packs

Purr-Packs is a subscription service for the cat in your life.  You can choose your subscription plan and customize it, including selecting a flavor profile for your cat (do they like poultry, fish, beef, etc?).

2. Poop Bag Club

Poop Bag club is exactly what it sounds like – a subscription service for dog poop pickup bags.  If you never want to run out of poop bags again or face the inconvenience of going to the pet store and buying overpriced poop bags, try out poop bag club and you’ll be good to go.

3. BarkBox

This is the behemoth of pet subscription services for dogs.  BarkBox sends you new items for the dog you love every month. They also have the BarkPost, which is a blog dedicated to all things doggy-love.

4. Litter One

Similar to Poop Bag Club, if you are searching for convenience for your cat’s litter replenishment, look no farther than Litter One and receive your 100% biodegradable products conveniently at your doorstep.