Our 10 Major Fashion Don’ts

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Fresh season, fresh start! Be sure to start on the right foot by avoiding our list fashion don’ts. Use this guide to keep fashion disasters at bay.

1-Socks and Sandals: If you want to be noticed in a positive light this look in not the way to do it. Of course, we all have our casual days, but there is no excuse when it comes to neglecting your appearance. Although socks and sandals may be trending right now, this look should only be worn to the beach or park. This is not something that should be worn to any important rendez-vous’ social or professional.

socks and sandal

2-Poorly Fitted Clothes: Unless you are a growing boy or teenager there is really no reason to buy or wear poorly fitted clothing. Not only is this unflattering to your physique but also takes away from your style. Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect fit, so find yourself a good tailor who can make the adjustments you need to look and feel great in your clothes.

3-Wrinkled Clothes: This one runs in the same spirit as the “poorly fitted”, and it all boils down to taking pride in your appearance and treating you clothes and belongings with care. Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed! A steamer is a great tool to easily make your clothes look fresh and wrinkle free.

no wrinkled clothes

4-Too Much Cologne: This can be one of the most off-putting don’ts out there. Have you ever been walking behind someone and felt as though you were eating their perfume? Less is more, start with small dosage and if need be you can always add more.

5-Unkempt Facial Hair: If you’re going for the bearded look, you must be fully committed to keeping it clean and kempt. There is a clear distinction between fashionable facial hair and a dirty looking mess. Keep that beard tight and manicured to achieve that trendy look. The same goes for the neck, its important to keep on top of your haircuts and neck trimming. If necessary book your next appointment as you leave the one prior to ensure you do not wait too long in between.

messy beard images

6-Sunglasses at Night: This look is pretentious, and teen-like; there is no need for sunglasses without the sun. Also, this can lead to another don’t which is wearing sunglasses on top of you head- another major faux pas. Another point to mention is that sports glasses are only to be worn when playing sports. They do not look nice with suits, formal wear, or really anything other than workout clothes or sports attire.

sunglass and suit

7-Dirty or Beaten up Dress Shoes: Nothing ruins an outfit like a bad shoe. Once you are going through the trouble of putting yourself together make sure to follow through from head to toe. Keep you dress shoes in good condition, and know when to call it a day and get a fresh pair. A good shoemaker can often refurbish your shoes to an acceptable condition if you are not able to buy a new pair right away.

basic rootbizzle

8-Busy Jeans: Men please leave the embellished jeans for the ladies. Nothing says classic Americana like a great pair of jeans, they embody what is masculine and casual. Do not kill this vibe by wearing embroidered, embellished or overly bleached jeans.

embellished rootbizzledenim rootbizzle

9-Overexposed Chest: V-necks can be a great t-shirt option, and is always a classic. There is one caveat to the “V”, do not let it plunge too deep. No one is interested in seeing too much chest, keep your tee classic and in good taste.

deep V rootbizzle

10-Being Something that is Not You: Follow your fashion instinct and use this list as a guideline of some looks to avoid. That being said, if you’re not comfortable and not true to your own sense of style you will never look or feel good in your clothes. Do not let a sales person, significant other, friend, or anyone for that matter convince you to stray too far from your comfort level. We all need to try new things but don’t be afraid to do you.