Upcycling, Recycling & Salvaged Uses for Ties

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Ever wonder what to do with all those old ties hanging at the back of your closet? We’ve scoured the internet for some of the silliest, tackiest and best ways to re-purpose your tired neckwear.

  1. This tie wreath has a fourth of July theme, and if you’re into the whole decorating for the holidays thing, we think this is a great option! Check out the full tutorial hereRootbizzle_Tiewreath
  2. The wine carrying necktie tote is probably our favorite of all the ways the internet has decided to up-cycle ties. Although anything that carries alcohol would probably get our votes.WineTote_Necktie_Rootbizzle
  3. We’re on the fence about these button & tie coffee sleeves. They’re cute…. ish. rootbizzle_coffeesleeve
  4. Who says that ties should only be worn by men? We found this dress from a live journal entitled “ugly-crap” and although we applaud this creative way to use neckwear, we have to agree.tie_dress_RB
  5. You can pretty much turn any fabric into a cushion cover. So naturally here’s one we found made out of neckwear! 25141_zoom1
  6. Neckwear and tech gear… not a natural pairing but we think it works well here with this iphone or ipod cover! neck-tie-ipod-holder_Rootbizzle
  7. Why not turn neckties into silk beaded necklaces?Rootbizzle_silknecklace
  8. These pouches made of recycled tie fabrics are definitely our favorite thing we found online made from old ties. They look manly and rugged, and we can picture using one just like it as a travel pouch for our next vacation. reuse-a-tie_rootbizzle