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Most of us know the basics when it comes to picking out socks: black pants + black socks. Simple, classic and boring. Menswear’s hot-ticket item in 2015, the dress sock, has been brought into a new world of color and pattern. Bright socks can mean colorful, but also quirky in featuring patterns of animals, asymmetrical designs and color blocking. What used to be considered unorthodox business socks have quickly become an accessible fashion trend for any business style. Our Root Bizzle style curators have taken a look at what bright socks say about you and how to wear them!

In most business environmentsbusiness
The classic solid-colored business sock does not help express individuality, but says “I’m here to fit in”. Although some work cultures expect this type of homogenous style of their employees, the individual who shows up wearing a brightly colored sock coordinated with their tie/ pocket square knows what he is doing. They’re making a bold statement by expressing “I care about how I look enough to wear something that will make me stand-out”.

In Conservative situations
Perhaps a funeral or serious business situation is not the place to wear bright socks. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear something shows a little bit of yourself. Limit yourself to conservative colors with alternative patterns or classic patterned socks with a hint of color.

Symbiosis Pyramid Eclipse 2012


In casual everyday wear
Spruce up your basic outfit with the brightest socks you can find! Pairing a trendy pair of socks with a classic khaki and shirt will make your outfit seem more carefully crafted. It conveys that your look is not accidental but thought through and confident.




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