Step Up Your Sock Game

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Socks as we know are an item found in every man’s closet. For many, socks are treated as a staple that serve only for the benefit of practicality and function. Being seen as an essential and not a fashion item, socks are often cast aside with the mundane undergarments alongside underwear, boxers and under-shirts. The fashion men have cultivated their socks into a fashion opportunity seeing beyond the solids, basics and tube socks. Fashion gents are treating their socks like ties and pocket squares using them as fashion accessories.

We here at Rootbizzle implore you to think about your socks in a whole new light, it’s time to step up your sock game! Socks are without a doubt an easy, subtle and inexpensive way to add some flare and fashion to your outfit. With a monthly subscription to our Rootbizzle Sock Subscription you’ll receive 2 pair of fashion socks per delivery, so you can add a new twist to your look every month.


Lets get into more specifics…


As much as we love fun colorful socks we all need few neutral or solid pairs. These varieties are essential for professional settings and black tie events. It is important to own the basics; solid black brown or even dark red or grey and then build on that.

basic rootbizzle


Brightly colored socks are perfect, adding some spice to any look both casual or not. It’s nice to have a variety of colorful pairs in your closet so you can contrast your socks whenever you please, no matter what you’re wearing. Some pop colors to consider are varied tones of green, blue or red.

 Rootbizzle color sock


Socks really come in every print these days. Wither you’re looking for chevron, argyle, dots, or stripes, you can find it on a sock. Fashion socks with fun and traditional patterns are all very “in” right now, and are a great way to draw attention without too much hoopla. Socks can add a whimsicality to your outfit or draw attention to a great pair shoes. If the sock trend still seems too out there for you try starting with a simple stripe, or pin dot.

rootbizzle pin dotrootbizzle striperootbizzle argyle

For those who have fully embraced the sock game, you can always make a statement with a novelty print. A novelty print aims more at the fun side featuring any item you can imagine. Prints can include anything from beer mugs to lightning bolts to leopard prints and everything in between.

novelty rootbizzlerootbizzle group sockrootbizzle silly sock


Sock Advice and Tips:

  • When you have a conservative event stick to the program and keep the socks simple and solid. If you do match your sock to your pant you can add a little touch by wearing a ribbed or embossed sock.
  • Add some character to your suit or casual look by adding a bright colourful sock.
  • Add a little sock pattern into the mix. When choosing a print match it with a colour that you’re wearing above the waistline (i.e. the color of your shirt, tie, or jacket). This helps tie the look all together.
  • To avoid being matchy-matchy never coordinate the pattern of your socks with a pattern you are already wearing somewhere else on your body. If you’re wearing a striped shirt, try dotted socks. If you’re wearing an argyle sweater, try subtle stripes instead.
  • If there’s already a lot of patterns going on in your look, probably reach for the solids or neutrals instead keep the patterned socks for another time.