10 Best Dressed Men of 2018

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Spring has sprung and this a great time to seek some fashion inspiration. When looking for a fashion muse or icon Hollywood and celebrity have always proven to be a great source. Celebrity style and swagger is something that most of us covet, and continue to regard with aspiration and envy.

We here at Rootbizzle, have taken a close look at British GQ’s 50 Best Dressed Men for 2018 and narrowed it down to our 10 faves. Keep in mind we obviously favored those guys who rocked their suit and ties in most fashionable manner as well.


  1. Eddie Redmayne

“I think Eddie has a sense of effortless elegance in every occasion, formal and casual.” Stefano Gaudioso, global style director, Corneliani

GQ says: If they gave out Oscars for wearing bold suits on the red carpet, this guy would be the Meryl Streep of superb tailoring.

  1. Lin-Manuel Miranda

“He might have had to keep his hair long for his role in Hamilton, but since leaving the cast, he’s had a full-on style transformation. Not only does he look super-slick since he chopped off his ponytail (man-bun, be gone), he’s also invested in a new wardrobe of slim suits, cool bombers and the occasional corduroy blazer. Bravo, sir.” Nick Carvell, Associate Style Editor, GQ

GQ says: The man behind Hamilton will soon be bringing his laid-back style to London as his show transfers to our side of the Atlantic.

  1. Jack Guinness

“Jack’s style is quintessentially British – good humoured, charming and full of character much like the man himself.” Ingo Wilts, chief brand officer, Hugo Boss

GQ says: Owner of not only one of the sleekest wardrobes in the land, but also one of the sleekest beards.

  1. Pharrell Williams

“Being confident, not trying too hard, having fun and experimenting makes for a leading best-dressed man of the year. Pharrell Williams has great individual style that exudes a cool confidence.” Caroline Rush, CEO, British Fashion Council

GQ says: Quite possibly the only grown man who makes shorts look cool.



  1. David Beckham

“What is there to say about Beckham’s style that hasn’t already been said? On the one hand, he’s like a beautiful navy suit: a classic that will always be in style no matter its age. On the other hand, he’s made a career of trying cool new styles and cutting-edge labels – not to mention more hairstyles than any other celebrity we can think of. Combine these two and you can see why this menswear legend is always on best-dressed lists around the globe – and still as relevant as ever. You keep doing you, David.” Nick Carvell

GQ says: The original British menswear maverick is still at the top of his game – and clearly passing his time-honed tips to his son Brooklyn.



  1. Brunello Cucinelli

“‘Gioco tutti giorno,’ Brunello Cucinelli explained when I asked about how damn vital he is (for his 64 years). It translates as ‘play all day’, and while daily football certainly helps him keep a refined silhouette, it’s far from the whole picture. Cucinelli mastered a new blend of sartorial and casual; a look that shows he doesn’t think about what clothes to wear, he simply feels it. The way Cucinelli slings pieces together has defined a new style cipher that transcends age and location.” Tom Stubbs, fashion stylist and writer

GQ says: The king of Italian cashmere is perma-layered in the luxurious fabric – and rightly so.

  1. Ryan Gosling

“With a natural charm and confidence, Ryan Gosling makes even his most fashion-forward choices look laid-back and effortless.” Michael Kors, fashion designer

GQ says: Lots of men can do the red carpet right, but Gosling is one of the few leading men in Hollywood who can look like an A-lister even on his days off.



  1. Donald Glover

“Here is a man truly at the top of his game. As well as producing massive funk-inspired hits under his alias, Childish Gambino, he’s also earning his stripes on the silver screen having starred in Magic Mike XXL, The Martian and Solo: A Star Wars Story, which lands next year. He’s championing the Seventies glamour look on the red carpet at the moment, oozing awesomeness in velvet tailoring and embellished dinner jackets. Equally as effortless on the casual front, he’s been spotted wearing Hawaiian shirts and simple retro sports gear. When I styled him recently, I had a bunch of old sweatshirts and vintage leather jackets that he loved.” Grace Gilfeather, Fashion Editor, GQ

GQ says: Glover is a master of dressing to stand out from the crowd subtly but effectively (case in point: the brown velvet Gucci suit that he wore to this year’s Golden Globes).

  1. Ryan Reynolds

“The thing that sets Ryan Reynolds‘ style apart from his red-carpet peers is that it just feels real: it doesn’t feel like he’s wearing something that’s been picked out for him by a stylist. These are smart, sleek separates from seriously cool labels, such as Todd Snyder and Officine Générale, all layered up and worn in a way that any man could in his day-to-day life. Plus, he has excellent glasses. Show me a man who doesn’t want to dress like Ryan Reynolds and I’ll show you a liar.” Nick Carvell

GQ says: As a father of two regularly swaddled in Brunello Cucinelli, Reynolds has single-handedly redefined “dad” dressing.

  1. Harry Styles

“I respect his development as a solo artist and think his personal style has matured too. His style looks a lot more personally influenced than that of a stylist.” Grant Pearce, Editorial Director, GQ Asia-Pacific

“Harry is the modern embodiment of British rocker style – edgy, flamboyant and worn with unapologetic swagger.” Michael Kors, fashion designer

GQ says: He’s conquered the charts with his debut album, conquered the cinema with his debut film and conquered a flared Gucci suit. No wonder he’s made our top ten.