The “Skinny” on the Skinny tie

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A skinny tie is a necktie that is narrower than the standard tie and often all-black. Skinny ties have widths of around 2 12 inches (6.4 cm) at their widest, compared to the usually 3–4 inches (7.6–10.2 cm) for regular ties. Skinny ties were first popularized in the late 1950s and early 1960s by British bands such as the Beatles and the Kinks, alongside the subculture that embraced such bands, the mods (Wikipedia).

Skinny ties remain in fashion taking cues for these 50’s, 60’s and even 80’s phenom. Given the trend factor of these slim ties, some questions arise as to which occasions they are well suited for. Other questions pertaining to the skinny tie are, how to tie it, and even where to purchase one. We will answer all these important questions and more, so that you can achieve your best skinny tie look.



The Proper Fit

With a width or 1.5 to 3 inches, skinny ties are slimmer than your average tie and generally compliment a more slender physique. Because they are narrow they do not cover your body the same way a wider tie would. If you are on the bulkier side you may opt for the widest of the skinny ties, measuring closer to 3” in width, this will work better with broader properties. The standard length for most ties are 58” give or take depending on the manufacturer. When properly fitted, the tip of the skinny tie should fall near the beltline when tied, extending no more than 1” below or 3” above the belt.


How to Tie Your Skinny

You can actually tie your tie as you would any regular tie. In fact, the more you get in the habit of wearing skinnier ties, you will actually start treating them as if they were the “regular” ties you have always worn. The four-in-hand knot is the best knot for the skinny tie and the easiest. This knot is small and makes for a narrow, more discreet and slightly asymmetrical tie knot. It is best suited for a standard button-down dress shirt and works great with skinny ties because it does not overpower the slim look.

For Which Occasions is the Skinny Tie Appropriate?

Skinny ties can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. For a formal look, pair your skinny tie with a tapered dress shirt. We do not suggest pairing a skinny tie with a boxy wide-collared shirt, this takes away from the sleek look we are aiming for. Add in a slim well-tailored suit and there you have yourself a very dapper and formal look.

For a more casual look you can wear your skinny tie with a less starchy slim shirt, a pair of cotton twill pants and a sports jacket.

For a very casual look you can even do a denim jacket instead of a sports jacket, or jeans instead of twill pants with your skinny.


The skinny tie is a more a modern fresher look so it is ok to bend the rules and have fun with it. Just be sure to be true to the essence of the skinny tie. Be mindful that it is more modern, trendy and slim than the old school traditional ties you may be used to. That being said pair your skinny tie with items that also have a slimming, modern and more fashionable feel.

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Where to Purchase a Skinny Tie?

At of course! We have a great selection of beautifully designed quality skinny ties. They can be purchased on our website and are available for 1, 3, 6 or 12 monthly subscriptions. Join today and elevate your fashion game with a new skinny tie each month.

Some Basic Rules:

  • Match your tie with your suit lapels. Skinny tie is best with narrow lapels.
  • Skinny ties work best with single breasted 1 or 2 button jackets.
  • Match the narrower tie with a smaller knot.
  • Skinny ties look best on a narrower frame, if you are on the bulkier side this may not be the ideal look for you.
  • Keep patterns modern. Skinny ties are trendier so they do not look right with old fashioned, traditional prints. Keep the look cool and classic with a modern flare.
  • Add a clip. A simple tie clip in polished metal can add a perfect little finishing touch.

As we always say, the most important accent to any look is confidence. Own your look and wear it with pride and self-assurance.