June Summer Vacation Packing Essentials

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June is great time for a getaway, time to unwind relax and check out somewhere new. When we talk wanderlust we mainly focus on the exotic locations, scenic views, local fare, and fun in the sun. Rarely do we discuss the down and gritty chore that needs to take place before any fabulous excursion…We are referring to what and how to pack? We have decided to address this reality and offer some insight into what we feel should be in every man’s luggage while vacationing.

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Surely it will come as no surprise that here at Rootbizzle we strongly feel your travel bag should of course always include at least one tie. Why a tie you might ask, and my answer to you is… why not? A tie takes little to no space, is easy to pack, and can be a great accessory to have when you least expect it. You never know when you may be invited to a fabulous dinner party, special event, grand opening, or any random occasion that may come your way while on vacation. Life is full of surprises, and you must be ready to dress the part for any event that comes calling your attendance.


If packing only one tie, we suggest you keep it simple, a solid or neat that can easily be worn with the other pieces you have in your luggage. It is important that you roll your tie to ensure it does not wrinkle while in transit. Save space and your tie’s integrity by rolling it up and placing it safely inside your shoe. When you get to your destination unroll your tie and hang it straight to keep in clean and wrinkle free. A suit jacket is also a great travel because it can be worn interchangeably with jeans or trousers. To pack your suit jacket, turn it inside out with the sleeves on the inside. The inner lining, now on the outside, will protect it from wrinkles. If bringing a full suit, lay it at the bottom of the suitcase at full width. This will ensure that, with other items on top of it, it won’t move around and crease it. Place your lightest pair of shoes at the bottom of your bag. Wear your heaviest, this will allow your lighter contents to remain unharmedrootbizzle summerflatlay1Other

Items To Include In Your Bag:

-Fun Bathing Suit: Swimming trunks are a great way to incorporate a fun print into your wardrobe, even for those who are on the more conservative side.

-Great Basic T-Shirt: Can never go wrong with that, great for layering or to be worn as a basic.

-Good Pair of Cotton Twill Shorts: Paired with a fresh polo this can give a clean “dressed” look while still being cool,and comfortable.

-Smart Low Top Sneakers: When travelling it is all about versatility. Low tops can be worn with shorts, pants and even dress pants keeping it easy and practical.

-Flip Flops: Beach holiday essential, and great for walking around your accommodations as well.

-Sunscreen: Super important no matter what climate you are visiting. It is important to protect ourselves from those strong UV rays at all times.

-Ear Buds: Must have for the airplane, music, walking or jogging.

-Phone charger: You will not regret having this with you and preferably in your carry-on. You never know when you may need to reach someone, use your navigation, or retrieve information from your phone. Being shut down and shut out can be dangerous.

-Protein Bar or Snacks: No one likes to feel hungry and sometimes when traveling delays can occur. Be  prepared for these situations with a snack that you like to eat.

-Book or Magazine: You are on vacation, time to relax, unwind, and read up!

Safe travels, take pics, and have fun!