Wedding Season- Fun, but What do I Wear?

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Weddings can be a whole lot of fun, but translating dress codes can really be a head game. The same confusions always seem to arise “Which suit will look best?”, “Do I need a tie?” and “What will the other guys be wearing?” Then there’s the challenge of dressing appropriately without looking the same as everyone else invited while still making your wife, girlfriend, or date happy with your choice. Seeing as it is wedding season after all, we have decided to step up to the challenge and provide our followers with a new go-to wedding guide.


Formal / Black Tie Wedding Attire

When you see this on invitation, then you know you need to step it up…think old Hollywood, Frank Sinatra, The Titanic, James Bond. With those images in mind, if you’re invited to a wedding with this code on the invitation, be sure to dress to the nines. The best bet is to aim for a clean and classy look.

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For a black-tie wedding, a black tuxedo or suit, are the most appropriate options. Your suit should be well-tailored and fitted for a classic and sleek look. Shirts should be clean and white, well pressed and sharp. It is time to pull out your higher quality garments to they maintain their shape and polished look throughout the evening. Now, most importantly the finishing touches. Your elegant assemble should be completed with a superbly dapper, black bow-tie, or a simple tonal or solid black classic tie. If you are wearing a more tapered suit a black skinny tie in a luxurious tonal fabric could be quite elegant as well.


Cocktail Wedding Attire

Cocktail attire is always a little vague but it falls somewhere between formal and evening wear. It has more leeway than a formal code allowing some personal style into the mix. To be safe always go for a sharp clean suit darker in color such as navy, cobalt and dark grey for a more classic cocktail look. Keep the cut close to the body, but not too tight, for a modern look. When keeping the suit on the classic side, it is always fun to add some personal flare like a patterned pocket square or skinny tie. Ties can even have some print, subtle color and texture to enrich the look. A fun bow-tie and tasteful bow-tie can also be a great opportunity to add your own unique flare while still keeping a pulled together stylish outfit.

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Casual Attire

When an invitation says “casual dress,” it usually means casual chic. This is not an invitation to attend this event in your workout wear or leisure suit. It is hard to wrap one’s head around casual wedding attire, but take cues from the location and the invite. For example, if it’s on a farm somewhere in the middle of a field, it’s a good clue to keep your look country cool. Perhaps a pair of beige cotton twill pants, a clean shirt and blazer and a plaid tie. If the location sounds like it could be indoors it’s always better to navigate a little bit more on the dressier side. When looking in your closet for something to wear, think business casual as you still want to look respectful- this is an important day for this couple! Your outfit should be sophisticated and collected while comfortable and appropriate. No one wants to show up under-dressed.

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  • Take notice of the dress code.
  • Opt for lighter colors for daytime weddings and darker for evening nuptials.
  • Most dress codes, other than super casual, will call for a suit.
  • Make sure your suit fits you properly! Good tailoring is essential to achieving that polished look.
  • Always remember to finish off your look with the right shoes.
  • Pride yourself o your personality by adding your own style to your outfit, particularly for cocktail attire.
  • It’s better to be overdressed than under-dressed, but most important to feel good about how you decoded the code!


Have fun and be safe!