What is a “Neat” tie pattern?

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At our monthly tie club, we strive to learn our customers’ style preferences and deliver them nectkies that not only impress with quality and convenience, but also match their personal preferences for tie patterns and styles.

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One thing we always ask is what pattern do you like best?  The other day we covered the paisley design for a necktie.  Today, we are going to cover what “Neat” means when referencing a necktie pattern.

“Neat” in the drinking world means without ice. Scotch Neat is room temperature scotch without ice.  A “Neat” necktie is a tie with a very simple, subtle pattern – such as dots, circles, or another repeating subtle shape.  The color of the tie is the strongest element and stands out the most, whereas the “texture” of the repeating pattern is just that – it adds a texture so the tie is not a solid, but the pattern is also discreet and doesn’t takeover the design of the tie.

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Here are a few examples of Neat ties:

Source: Amazon.com
Source: Neiman Marcus