What to Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

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Tis’ the season! Party season has arrived and there is no doubt that an invitation or 2 will be coming your way. Deciding what to wear can get tricky, should you go super formal or super casual, or somewhere in-between? It’s time to decode the dress code and we have come up some Christmas looks that are sure to be a hit this holiday season.

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Dress the Part:

The first rule in fashion is to always follow the invitation guidelines. If there is a dress code or a theme to the party then that makes getting dressed so much easier. Follow the theme or code and dress the part with ease and confidence. If your Christmas gathering is a sit-down in a fancy restaurant, or a formal night out, you’ll probably want to dress up and wear a suit. On the other hand, if it just more of an average night out with work, then you can tone it down with a casual smart look.

Switch it up:

The office party is your one time to really socialize with your colleagues and allow them to see who you are outside of the office. This is a great opportunity to show some of your character and not to wear the same thing that you’d wear to work every day. If your job requires you to wear a suit and tie all day every day, then perhaps go for something more casual while staying smart. You can try some nice jeans with a shirt and jacket, or a more casual suit and a fun tie bow tie. If you never wear a suit to work, and your party is dressier this is your chance to rock the suit and impress your colleagues.

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Get Groomed:

It is so important that not only your outfit is well put together, but your hair and grooming is up to snuff too. Have your haircut if needed, you sideburns and neck cleaned up and have yourself a nice shave. If facial hair is you thing, then make sure your beard is trimmed and neat. A spray of your favorite cologne or splash of aftershave is always a nice touch as well.

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Incorporate Your Personality:

Often it really comes down to the details. Finishing touches can totally elevate an outfit from being average to something memorable. Adding small details can work wonders and is a great chance to add a personal touch to your look. These additions can include a fun tie, vibrant pocket square, dapper bow tie, sleek cuff-links and/or an elegant watch or jewelry. Accessories such as these can all add a little bit of sophistication or color which could set you apart from everyone else.

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These tips and advice should be a good starting point for you to get your outfit sorted for your office Christmas parties. Remember to plan what you’re going to wear before the day, try on outfits and make sure everything fits and looks good. Confidence is key, and simple preparations will lead to feeling confident in your choices.