What Your Tie Says About You

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The business suit is a classic look, with limited means to individualize. So, what is the best way to stand out in an interview without making the wrong kind of splash? How can you spark special attention in a sea of blue blazers? The tie is a great place to start showing some hints of who you are and what your character entails. The question remains, how to be sure you are wearing the right tie? What if your tie is emanating the exact opposite vibe you intended or worse, no vibe at all?? We’ve broken down the different perceptions of the most common neck wear out there.


What Does Your Tie Mean??

The Striped Tie:

The Striped tie is probably the most common choice in neck wear. It’s appropriate for all ages and can offer anything from a collegiate prep to a sophisticated regal look. The striped tie indicates respect and experience. A Stripe is conservative enough to show your corporate side yet stylish enough to suggest that you like to have fun on the weekends. The Striped guy is and balanced willing to take a couple risks, but knows when and how to buckle down. The Striped tie has always been linked to academia which suggests intelligence, dependability and ambition.


The Polka Dot Tie:

Ladies love a Polka Dot Tie, it’s neat and cute while still a little bit playful. The Polka Dot tie guy is thought to be sensitive, and stylish. Subtlety is key to the Polka Dot tie wearer; the dot adds a nice hint of fun to your look while maintaining a sophisticated appearance. The Polka Dot is often associated with a quirky preppy charm. Add a pair of dark framed glasses to your Polka and you are suddenly giving off the heir of a witty finance guy. The Polka Dot tie is always worn loose, ready to be pulled off at any moment for a post office cocktail or social break.


The Bow Tie:

The Bow Tie is the youngest of ties. Those who do dare to wear Bow Ties usually like standing out and want to be noticed. Perhaps this person is someone who beats to their own drum and likes to make their mark. This desire to attract attention shows a strong character. The Bow Tie can work for or against the candidate, depending on the type of job interview this person is going. The bold statement of the Bow Tie suggests you are fun and fearlessness which can be great in some more artistic and creative fields.

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The Plain Tie:

The plain tie is the most challenging neck wear to pin down in terms of the impression it lends. It has can go in 2 different directions.

Option 1: this is literally your first day on the job and you are wearing the same tie you wore to senior prom. You have no idea how to tie it, so you had your friend or relative come help you. If your suit is old or borrowed and does not fit well in conjunction with a plain tie this is a sheer giveaway that you are new to the corporate world.

Option 2: you are wearing the power tie. You’ve chosen a color to give off a specific vibe as you walk into the boardroom. You feel bold and empowered in this color of choice and wear it with confidence and well-tailored suit. You appear to have your eye on the prize, and your no nonsense ensemble reveals that you mean business.


The No Tie:

Lastly, the no tie. Not wearing anything to cover up your top button in the corporate world is daring. You’re one gutsy, mysterious dude which may intrigue your interviewee. The No Tie guy is intimidating and aims to be the CEO of whatever company he works at. He is usually well experienced, and confident at what he does. To be able to walk into a high-powered corporate interview with no tie, you probably feel the company would be lucky to have you.

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